Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Sometimes the best advice is the briefest: Examine what happens when you read.

More succinct suggestions: 5 Writing Tips from Ralph Waldo Emerson. (You see how short I'm keeping the intros? I'm amazing! And lazy!)

CopyBlogger has become one of my go-to spots for Tuesday's Tips links. This week I'm taking two. First up, How to Stop Making Yourself Crazy with Self-Editing.

The second: 5 Grammar Mistakes that Make You Sound Like a Chimpanzee (...and not the one in the room full of chimps that eventually pounds out Shakespeare, either).

Using a technique similar to the one Alan Moore described in his intro to the first Planetary collection, Randy Ingermanson describes How to Write a Novel Using The Snowflake Method.

Ben Dawe has put together the sort of sarcastic-yet-practical list I curse myself for not thinking of first: An aspirational author’s guide to effective self sabotage. And then, as if to rub it in, he's got a Part 2.

This last tip applies to pretty much everyone...but especially YOU. Agent Colleen Lindsay offers a list of What Not To Do When You Get A Rejection. (Note: While "Bawl like a baby seal with a backwards Louisville Slugger logo branded across its fuzzy forehead" is not on Lindsay's list, if you do have to cry, puh-leez try not to Tweet about it.)