Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adaptation News

From book to film to Twitter account: New Moon has a posse.

It's a rare case of reverse adaptation: Hammer Films has inked a publishing deal to bring their big screen properties to the puny page.

When Oprah's involved, the film will get made: The Big O has joined forces with director Sam Mendes to bring Joseph O’Neill's novel Netherland to your local megaplex. Word has it that Steadman will be fetching coffee on the set.

Samuel L Jackson has signed on to star in Same Kind Of Different As Me, about an ex-con's friendship with a wealthy Texas art dealer. The film is based on a non-fiction novel of the same name, written by the real-life Texas art dealer and ex-con.

Geeks of Doom regurgitates a PR piece proclaiming, "Legendary Pictures has obtained the rights to turn Gravel into a feature-length film adaptation of the popular comic series from Warren Ellis and Avatar Press." Never heard of the "popular" Gravel? Me either, and I'm in and out of comic book shops multiple times every week.