Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book News, In Brief

The bloodless magazine industry disses the headless publishing industry in The New Yorker's scathing satire, Subject: Our Marketing Plan.

Speaking of lumbering literary giants, Publishing Perspectives has released their list of The World's 200 Most Powerful Publishers. It's like the Special Olympics of power rankings!

They're already down. Wanna kick 'em some more? The Huffington Post has posted a piece proclaiming the publishing industry dead. Its title? This Halloween, I'm Going As a Book Publisher.

Now that we've shat upon your livelihood, let's move on to your faith. A Catholic professor walks into a bar and says, "The first verse of the Bible was a mistake." And that's it. There's no joke. Dude really thinks that Genesis 1:1 was f**ked in translation.

Cue righteous indignation in three...two..."In a case with potentially major implications for scholars and publishers, a Stanford University professor who often serves as an expert witness against tobacco companies is fighting an effort by lawyers for the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to obtain the manuscript of his unpublished and unfinished book on that industry."
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