Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bullsh*t Meter is in the Red!
(or: HarperCollins claims Sarah Palin's book was written so fast due solely to "hard work")

Time Magazine quotes the perjurious publisher as saying, "When she resigned as governor, she had a lot more time and was able to really devote herself full-time to writing the book," says Tina Andreadis, a spokesperson for HarperCollins. "That's really all that there is."

Then, as if to spare themselves an inbox full of furious "fact" fanatics, Time adds, Well, there's also this: Palin had help. Editorial sidekicks are par for the course in political memoirs, though ghostwriters say many pols are heavily involved in the writing process.

Yeah, I'm guessing there was a little bit of that, too.

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