Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Rachael Bermingham, co-author of Australia’s #1 book of 2008, shares her #1 book marketing strategy.

Write better books (and/or sneakier spam) with Copyblogger's Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques.

It's one of the few writing dilemmas that follows you from page one all the way to the grand finale: Choosing Which Ideas to Use.

Now more than ever, securing a long-term publishing deal requires having a marketing platform (or, at the very least, the words to make it sound like you do). That's how Gary Vaynerchuck got a 10 book deal without asking for it.

For those of you who find these link lists a little lacking, here's 50 Awesome Open Courses for Web Writers. (Note: "Awesome" is their word, not mine. I'm a beauty school drop-out. You think I could make it through a freaking writing course?)