Monday, October 27, 2008

Book News, In Brief
(a.k.a.: Are You There Oprah? It's Me, Inkwell)

Et tu, Oprah? It's official. Amazon's e-book, the Kindle, is Ms. Winfrey's "favorite gadget". And over at her Oprah's Book Club website, she's giving out $50 off coupon codes to all interested parties.

But wait -- didn't Oprah see that article in the LATimes about listing their Obama mask under the heading "terrorist"? Well, if she didn't, someone really oughta spam her about it. There's a reason liberals shop locally, O!

While they're at it, would this unspecified, spamming someone also whisper into the Big O's ear that she needs to bug Simon & Schuster for an advance readers copy of Chis Cleave's Little Bee? This fictional account of a young Nigerian refugee in modern day London contains everything Oprah looks for in one of her book club picks: social/political relevance for today's readers; a fresh literary voice; a lead character who overcomes hurdles without and within; and a role for Danny Glover in the inevitable film adaptation. Inkwell's own Kathleen says, "This is going to be the book of the year. I know it."