Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recommended Reading:
Comixology's Later On, Maybe We Can Talk Sometime. You Know, If You Don't Hate Me.

In this brief blog post, self-described 'Arrogant Comic Book Pundit' Tucker Stone uses his long-lasting love of a 'guilty pleasure' comic -- Batman: A Death In The Family -- to illustrate the magical moment we all felt as kids when we discovered the artform, sport or hobby that would change our adolescent lives for the better...

It's fun when you're a kid, to find that comic—or piece of music, or skateboard, or, if you're really awesome, bottle of Boone's Farm—and remember how pure it was to enjoy something with such zealotry and relish.

...and then the way that relationships and the responsibilities of adult life eventually eclipse that love, but never diminish it...

Excerpt, again:
It's not that comics aren't exciting to read anymore—obviously, I wouldn't be writing about them for comiXology if they weren't—but no, even the best comic can't emotionally compare to the excitement of being an adult...If anything, that sense of perspective makes that time period that I fondly look back on now that much better.

It's a funny, charming, self-effacing and semi-sentimental piece -- and it's well worth the three minutes it'll take you to read it.


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