Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Tip for Flailing Writers:
A Story Idea -- Ripped From Today's Headlines!

News item, care of livescience.com:
Oddly, Americans Fear Snakes More Than Disease
Diabetes affects 24 million Americans and an increasing number of children. It can lead to limb loss and heart attacks. Yet people are more afraid of snakes and flying.
In an online survey by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), conducted in August and released today, people revealed far greater fear of events that are much less likely to affect them. Percentage of respondents who fear:
* Being in a plane crash: 16 percent
* Snake bites: 13 percent
* Being hit by lightning: 5 percent
* A shark attack: 4 percent
* Getting a disease: 5 percent.

Story Idea:
Title: Snakes on a Plane...Crash!
Plot: A group of diabetic reptile wranglers are flying across the Atlantic when their jet is struck by lightning, stranding them and their snakes in the middle of shark infested waters. Carnage ensues....and a love story is awkwardly shoe-horned in...copious flashbacks are used to try and flesh out one dimensional characters...footnotes detailing unusual trivia about various marine animals are used to try and bring the book to 'proper novel length'...oh, and Sam Jackson is in there somewhere, dropping eff-bombs like autumn leaves. The end.