Monday, November 17, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Play on playa Palin! The year's most famous failure is set to net $7 million for her first book. (Whoa. Wait. Hold up a second. Didn't Palin say she didn't read?)

Here's a book deal more to my liking: Sarah Silverman has a book coming out with 2009. Kill an hour of the year long wait by watching Silverman's comedy special, Jesus is Magic!, here.

Speaking of Jesus...seems like the spiritual seekers of the Middle Ages were looking for the same thing in their religious lit as the enlightened of today: The bestsellers of the Middle Ages...were popular because they allowed believers to establish an immediate relationship with God without intercession of the clergy. For more info on what was stocked in the 'Spirituality' sections of yesteryear, click here.