Friday, November 21, 2008

What's Obama Reading?

We've all been wondering the same thing. Barring ear enlargement and/or garnering the goodwill of the entire world (save those pesky Talibaners), what can we do to be more like President-Elect Barack Obama?
We can stalk his reading habits!
Yes, simply by slavishly imitating the biblio-interests of our democratically chosen Chosen One, we can find ourselves thinking and acting just like him* -- i.e: with unbridled perfection!

So what is Obama currently reading?
The book at the top of this post, jackass; Jonathan Alter’s The Defining Moment

Well? What are you waiting for? Run down to your local brick & mortar bookstore** and grab yourselves a copy tout suite.

*Christians take note: This is a lot like the way y'all study the Bible to be more like Jesus, only the books we're pushing here are a whole lot easier to get through.
**Can someone please start a rumor that Obama hates That little lie would help us more than a million bail-out plans.