Friday, April 10, 2009

Book News, In Brief

In response to last week's announcement that two of Micheal Crichton's recently "found" novels were going to be published posthumously, the Guardian UK pleads, Leave unfinished works alone - let their authors rest in peace!

Semi-related is a second Guardian UK piece, this one regarding Agatha Christie. But where the previous piece called on folks to let sleeping scribes lie, this one quotes from 'textual analysts' who believe they've found signs of Alzheimer's disease in Christie's later novels.

A 51-year-old IL woman plans to publish first novel serially. No, wait. Make that cereal-ly. Lori Degman was crowned the winner of Cheerios' second annual Spoonful of Stories contest. Her book, One Zany Zoo, will be stuffed into select boxes of Cheerios in the Spring of 2010.

A recent article about self-publishing doubled as a profile piece for local author, Lisa Genova. Not only has Genova proven countless nay-saying literary agents and publishing houses wrong with the runaway success of her novel, Still Alice, she'll be speaking at our store on April 18th.
(Editor's Note: If that sounded like shameless're damned right!)