Monday, April 6, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Every year, a random reporter with a crush on Franny Glass convinces his or her editor to fund a fruitless trek to New Hampshire in hopes of landing an interview with J.D. Salinger. Every year, the results are the same. Click here to read 2009's EPIC FAIL.

April is National Poetry Month. It is the sacred duty of every God-fearing American to come up with at least one dirty limerick involving the Isle of Nantucket. Once that's finished, head on over to Books On The Nightstand and The Guardian UK for various poetry-related links.

Chinese police have arrested a young woman accused of stealing nearly 2,000 books from bookstores in and around Taiwan. Before you feel any pangs of pity for the underprivileged overachievers of the East, realize this: Homegirl wasn't a voracious reader with a limited income. She was stealing the books to sell on-line.

After dumbing down bookselling to the point where every other 'customer' was actually just a caffeine addict looking to read the newest issue of Maxim for free, Borders has decided to re-make their image into a place where "real book people belong." Uh...good luck with that, fellas.

Cost-conscious Kindle owners have staged an uprising, boycotting any and all e-books priced over $9.99. When their Amazonian overlords were asked to comment, they cackled maniacally and said, "These suckers spent $400+ on a poorly reviewed e-reader. Their financial advice is not to be taken seriously."