Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Litmus Test of Literary Links
(Or: If you don't find this sh*t cool, give me back my friendship bracelet.)

The second Where The Wild Things Are movie poster has hit the net. Please, God, don't let me die before October.
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Vietnam (Việt Nam) 1. A communist state in Indochina 2. A scenic backdrop for the acid flashbacks of drug-addled veterans. 3. A book lover's Shangri-la.
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Lucy Knisley (French Milk) read all four Twilight books in one weekend. Upon recovery, she made two hilarious comic strips about the harrowing experience.
(Thanks to AutumnBottom for the tip!)
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Entertainment Weekly has posted an exclusive excerpt of Elmore Leonard's next novel, Road Dogs. Fans of Out of Sight's Jack Foley will want to check this out, as he's the star of this book, too.
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