Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Humorous Excerpts From Recent Reviews

From Chris Eckert's review of Hulk #11:
As if the 1990s weren’t back already with Skrull Kill Krew and Fantastic Force on the shelves, this book channels that decade's insatiable appetite for splash pages. This issue's got forty four panels over the course of twenty two pages. [...] If you're young or drunk, I guess this might be OKAY. It aspires to be nothing other than dumb slam-bang action, and its little stubby T-Rex arms of ambition can handle such a short reach.

From Tucker Stone's review of The Flash: Rebirth #1:
That audience that feels they own these characters? Those people who slab comics and buy variant covers? That's the only audience that exists for Flash: Rebirth. [...] This isn't the comic book character that Steven Spielberg uses as props in his look-how-awesome-the-past-was movies. This is a delivery system for an expectation that no one but old people had.

From Jog's review of Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings:
Join rib-tickling hero Ben as he grimaces his way through 112 pages of horny, pained culture crisis. [...] There was a time not so long ago when you'd have to delve into Dave Sim territory to find an easier target than Tomine among certain audiences; he was seriously #3 or something on the You're Ruining Comics cognoscenti shit list for years running. Even today, he remains a (if maybe no longer the) poster child of right proper literary funnies, all curled-from-ice immaculate cartoon illustration and interpersonal self-destruction, stately as you want it and sensitive and doomed and designed to the hilt.