Friday, May 1, 2009

Boston Based Book News, In Brief

Are you smarter more depressing than a 5th grader? A 10-year-old Allston poet summed up the current economic crises in less than ten lines. Bostonist has the whole thing.

Here's a li'l insider info: Whenever a blogger tosses up a list (or worse, a link to someone else's list), it means they've run out of interesting things to post. That said, here's a link to's chatroom query, What's Your Favorite Boston book?

Less than an hour after posting yesterday's Unnecessary Newsflash: Newspapers Are Dying!, this news hit the AP: "The publisher of The Boston Globe has warned employees to be ready to make sacrifices but said he's hopeful that the paper will survive a threatened closure." Um...jinx?

A Lawrence, MA elementary school principal has been placed on indefinite leave for "peddling her romance novel on school grounds." School committee members said she acted "unethically and irresponsibly in promoting her writing during the workday and bringing a steamy, at times sexually explicit, book near the children." If you read the entire article, you'll see no mention of her actually 'peddling' the book to any of the kids, but mob mentality is a motherf**ker, innit?