Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Fiction Matters has 5 Lessons for D.I.Y. Line Editing.

The Word Strumpet offers a brief, unique, and compelling argument for The Law of Threes.

The Guardian UK courts break-ups by listing The Pros and & Cons of Letting Loved Ones Edit Your Work.

Because 18 was too many, and 16 was too few, The Adventurous Writer offers 17 Reasons Your Manuscripts Are Rejected.

The Writer's Digest has some encouraging words for the untalented hacks out there: Not All Books Need to Be Well-Written to Sell.

The Adventurous Writer again. This time, they've sussed out 5 Tips for Developing Your Writer's Voice. (Note: Don't steal theirs.)

Since some folks get hung up on the small sh*t, Daily Writing Tips settles the ol' 'One Space or Two At The End of a Sentence?' debate once and for all.