Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Unlicensed Sequel to This Morning's Book News, In Brief

Earlier today we told you about the manga version of the Twilight books currently being created. Now there's news of a comic book biography of Stephenie Meyer being released this October. Question: Is there anything that Meyer says no to? I mean, besides pre-marital sex?

In that same post, we told you about a proposed bill to put 'A Kindle in every backpack.' Hours after typing up that post, news broke regarding 340 job cuts at educational publisher McGraw-Hill. Are the two connected? Hell naw. But it's a grim glimpse of what's to come should Amazon prove effective in eliminating traditional text books.

As for this morning's last news item -- the one about Vatican City saying that the new Harry Potter film was good? Well, while they're still giving it two crucifixes up, I saw it this afternoon, and with the exception of an exciting opening sequence, I thought it was hella dull.