Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book News, In Brief

The world's first full-color e-book reader went on sale this week in Japan. Folks with an extra $1000 lying around can check out's ad article for details.

Snooty bookstores can be fun! Publishers Weekly profiles Secret Headquarters in LA, while The Christian Science Monitor tells the story of Boston's Barefoot Books.
(P.S. Peep Secret Headquarters' Stan Lee Tee -- it's rad!)

Everybody wants to see their name in the paper, just not like this: "A former adult bookstore employee pleaded innocent Tuesday to allegations he stole an inflatable doll". Friends and family (and co-workers!) of the accused can read the full story here.

After the humiliating experience that was #Queryfail, wounded would-be writers ought to peruse The Times Online's lists of literary one-hit wonders and cursed second novels. There's comfort to be found in the knowledge that you've never made these mistakes. Yet.
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