Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tip for Flailing Writers: Links!

If you're reading this instead of writing, chances are you're looking for distractions. Here's a fun one: Harvard Business Publishing's Are You a Grammar Geek? quiz.

Dianne Emley (author of the Detective Nan Vining series) shares her 10 Commandments of Fiction Writing. Feel free to smash them against a mountain if'n you disagree.

Are you sassy, brassy, or brassy with a hint of sass? Comics author/artist Paul Kupperberg has jotted down a few tips towards finding and refining your authorial 'voice.'
(Thanks to Journalista! for the link.)

Alright, so this last link is directed at a very select sort of writer: The critic. Salon.com got a bunch of their book reviewers together to discuss snobbery, how to make criticism fun and the need for cultural gatekeepers. Truth be told, it's worth reading even if you're not a critic.