Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Assortment of Comic Book Links

Awesomed By Comics provides a one paragraph anecdote summarizing life in a post-Watchmen-movie world.

Manga editorialist Kethylia Duuk'Tarquith asks, Bouncing Boobs and Tentacle Rapes: Is it Ever Okay? Spoilers: She thinks it is...sometimes.

Losanjealous has paired random philosophy quotes with random Bill Keane cartoons, creating the hilarious hybrid, The Nietzsche Family Circus.
(Thanks to The Hooded Utilitarian for the tip!)

The Topless Robot acts as a travel agent, listing The 10 Worst Comic Book Vacation Destinations. What I found funniest/most disturbing about this list was that the top two picks were also the only nonfiction destinations.

An open letter to Darwyn Cooke: After the one-two punch of DC: The New Frontier and your issue of Solo, I though you were the shizznit. Then you put out those less than stellar Spirit comics and The New Frontier cash-in tie-in, and I thought that aliens had replaced you with a dupe. For this lapse in faith, I apologize. If James Simes' photo of your adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter is any indication, you're still one talented sonuvagun. (That, or the aliens gave finally you back. In which case: Thanks, aliens! I've missed him!)

Less than a week after an original copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $317,200, an issue of All-Negro Comics #1 is being put up for auction. ANC is being billed as 'the first comic book ever created by an African-American man for an African-American audience.'
(For the full story of All-Negro Comics #1-- with scans! -- click here.)