Friday, April 17, 2009

The Amazon Pile-On Continues:
Amazon's Top Reviewers Are Frauds!

In the Jan. '08 article, Who Is Grady Harp?, exposed The Big A's 'Top 10 Reviewers' to be a mix of blatant liars and coordinated groups of attention-seeking shut-ins.
An excerpt:
Harriet Klausner, No. 1 since the inception of the ranking system in 2000, has averaged 45 book reviews per week over the last five years—a pace that seems hard to credit, even from a professed speed-reader. Reviewer No. 3, Donald Mitchell, ceaselessly promotes "the 400 Year Project," which his profile identifies only as "a pro bono, noncommercial project to help the world make improvements at 20 times the normal rate." John "Gunny" Matlock, ranked No. 6 this spring, took a holiday from Amazon, according to Vick Mickunas of the Dayton Daily News, after allegations that 27 different writers had helped generate his reviews.
What's crazy about this is not the fact that Amazon was the 'victim' of fraudulent postings. With a website that size, it was inevitable. No, what's crazy is that a year has passed since this article came out, yet these 'reviewers' continue posting 'reviews.'
To read the whole article, click here.