Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Lesson In Class:
Vertigo Books' Autobiographical Epitaph

College Park's Vertigo Books is closing. In addition to the going out of business sales and tears of regret which normally accompany such somber occasions, they've offered up a wonderfully written post describing the reasons they've been forced to call it quits after almost eighteen years. Without coming off as whiny or preachy, they detail the ways in which shopping locally benefits one's community, and how shopping elsewhere (cough, cough -- WITH THE "GLITCH"-PRONE HOMOPHOBES AT AMAZON.COM -- cough, cough) negatively effects you and yours.
As a final touch of class, Vertigo closes their post with an e-invite to a free-form Irish Catholic wake at/for their shop, complete with potluck food and booze.
Do you think Borders does that when they shutter a store?