Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Jennifer Baszile @ Google

Clipped from the YouTube entry:
Princeton grad/Yale professor Jennifer Baszile stopped by Google's New York office to discuss her book, A Memoir - The Black Girl Next Door.
Black Girl explores what happened during the early years of America's racial integration. As a thirty-something black woman, Baszile was part of the first generation of Americans born after lawmakers outlawed segregation and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. defined the dream of black and white children playing together. But after five hundred years of African American exclusion, no one knew how to make the dream a reality.
Baszile shares moments that confirmed the best hopes of the American Dream, and her family's relentless pursuit of achievement. She also looks inside her own family to understand how segregation, the underside of the American Dream, affected her parents' approach to everything from her hairstyle to dating.