Friday, April 3, 2009

Book News, In Brief

It's called nepotism, y'all: President Obama's half-sister has a book deal. The details have yet to be hammered out, but who cares -- she's Obama's half-sister!
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In an effort to lessen their $217.8 million debt, Borders will close the majority of its remaining Waldenbooks stores. Too bad they couldn't charge an hourly fee to the bums sprawled out in the aisles sipping cold cups of crappy coffee. They'd make billions.
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The next time someone tells you that the future of bookselling is niche bookstores, tell them to shut the f**k up. In the last week alone, San Francisco's Babylon Falling and LA's Cook's Library have both announced that they're going out of business -- and these stores were as niche as niche could be.
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Whether it's Pam Anderson as the unlikely bookstore employee in Stacks, or Sandra Bullock as the even less likely 'high powered book editor' in this June's The Proposal, Hollywood has never shied away from using the book industry as a backdrop for its lame stories and ludicrous casting. The Guardian UK asks, 'Um...why?'
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