Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book News, In Brief

I'm only surprised that this hadn't happened already: iPhone offers a CliffsNotes app. In related news, SpellCheck now offers both 'app' and 'ass' as possible replacements for Attention Deficit Disorder abbreviation, 'ADD.'

Media manufactured trend alert! The NYTimes has announced a new "literary ritual": Folks having their Kindles signed at author events. This joins 'holding up cell phones in lieu of lighters' as future Wikipedia definitions for 'douchebaggery.'

To quote Sly & The Family Stone, 'It's a family affair': Obama's half-brother joins Obama's half-sister, Obama's sister-in-law, Obama's mother, and Obama's dog in getting a book deal. (Note to publishers: My uncle tells me that I'm related to our 44th President. No pressure. Just sayin'.)

Here's a great idea (that I hope our local libraries don't catch wind of): Public libraries with used bookshops inside of them. Not only do they make a small return on last year's Oprah book club picks, but all those crappy books you and I dropped off anonymously because no other bookstore would buy them from us? Pure profit.