Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Jeff Bezos has finally found someone that he can call a bully. claims the male Amazonian as been b*tching about the Google Books settlement, and is asking that the agreement "be revisited."

Why, if the internet has been buzzing for weeks about the photos of actor James Franco portraying Beat poet Alan Ginsberg, am I only linking to them now? Because I didn't care was waiting for a headline like this: James Franco Beats Off. Bless you, New York Press.

Then again, once you start looking for faux pornographic headlines, you begin to see them everywhere. Take The Guardian UK's recent blog post, Poets Reveal the Strangest Places They've 'Done It.' It's actual topic? Poets listing the oddest spots they've been moved by the muse.

Misery (indie bookstores) loves company (comic book shops): ICV2 reports, "Comic sales dropped a staggering 19% in May versus May 2008, while graphic novel sales declined by 13%, leading to an overall drop-off for the month of 18%." If y'all wanna start some sort of suicide/euthanasia pact, drop us an email.