Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Why are you even messing with my amateur ass? Click here to read master crime novelist Elmore Leonard's thoughts on craft and process.

Once you've been turned down by all of the major and minor publishing houses, should you shelve your novel and start a new one, or send out queries to the micro publishers? The Rejecter weighs in.

Remember last week when Robot 6 told you to hook the reader in the first eight pages? Well, that's was only the beginning (literally!). Now you've gotta try and keep them hooked, chapter after ever-loving chapter. How do you do this? Cliffhangers.

Agoraphobic authors beware! Chasing Ray has an interesting bit about online companies offering to set up 'blog book tours'. Among the many, many suspicious aspects of these services are the high price tag (anywhere from $500-$600) and the fact that the blogs involved get none of it. (Well, that last one bothers me, anyway.)

Last Minute Bonus Link! Ah, here's a problem we all wish we had: James A. Moore shares how he handles an editor's negative notes.