Friday, June 19, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Shared Worlds recently picked their Top 5 Real Fantasy/Sci-Fi Cities. Unsurprisingly, Falmouth wasn't on the list. Truth be told, we're more of a generic, YA memoir town.
Last minute attempt at starting a dialog: In the comments section, tell us the name of your town and what literary genre it would best fit into.

The aptly named 'Audiobook' app unseated Amazon's ramblingly titled 'Kindle For iPhone Reader' app as iTunes #1 selling application. Still, it's not just Bezos who should be worried. 'Audiobook' threatens the livelihoods of school librarians, doting grandparents, and seeing eye dogs with robot voices and 5th grade reading levels.

Remember last week when we told you about Schwarzenegger's plans to fill California's public schools with e-textbooks? Well, according to PW, "Textbook giant Pearson has responded with digital content to supplement California’s programs in biology, chemistry, algebra 2, and geometry." Or, to put it another way: Skynet has merged the Terminator with the Kindergarten Cop.