Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Amazon has filed a series of patents for programs that would allow the Kindle to run ads. And folks are surprised why?

Reason #2774538 the rich hate the rest of us : Commoners with computers have killed the rare books market. Via.

It's like 'bring your kids to work day'...if you work as a thief: A Florida couple brought their kid to Borders, and while they shoplifted, he read.

While most bookstores consider themselves bastions of liberal thought, it seems our only ally in the 'Paper & Print 4-Eva' argument is the anti-Green, conservative contingent. Lucky us.

Yet another e-reader has hit the market. I'm only reporting this so that I can ask: How many MP3 players had to be released before that stopped being considered news? Wake me when we get there.