Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Let's start this off with a bold one: 11 Types of Bad Writing Advice.

Ah, the dream dilemma: What's better, a big advance or a larger royalty rate?

Aggravated agents assure me that aspiring authors can never read enough of these: 9 Tips to Emailing a Literary Agent.

Selling your book via the online behemoth? The Anitck Musings offers some tried and true tweaks for adjusting Amazon's algorithms.

Trevor Johnson better be one helluva a good kisser. After all, he wrote two articles about writing a good kissing scene in less than one month's time.

Manga Life is written by two manga translators, but their craft advice applies to writers of all ilks. Click here to read their thought-provoking piece on whether you should make writing your hobby or your career.