Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wanted: A Landlord Like Lord Salisbury

No disrespect to our current rent collector, but we would flee Main Street toute de suite if we could get a landlord like Lord Salisbury. Not only does dude make a mean steak, but he's willing to forgo raising the rent just so he can keep London's Cecil Court a book lover's dream. Londonist has the scoop:
Where Charing Cross Road used to be London's main bookish thoroughfare, rising rents have pushed many of the small independents out of business. Cecil Court is lucky enough to have a sympathetic landlord in Lord Salisbury; while he's not quite the "wealthy benefactor" that a passer-by was overheard (mis)informing his companion, he is keen to keep the street as the specialist book area it's been for over 100 years.
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