Monday, March 30, 2009

Am I Seriously The Last Person On Earth To Realize That Watchmen's Laurie Juspeczyk Intends To Become The Comedienne?

I was just reading an article over at The Hooded Utilitarian in defense of Alan Moore's female characters. Apparently, some folks think Moore crafts crappy dames, despite the fact that he's probably created more multifaceted (and just plain fascinating) female characters than just about any other comic book writer (outside of the Hernandez Bros. and Charles Schultz).
So anyway, I was reading the article, totally agreeing with everything that the author was saying, experiencing that subtle ego boost one gets when one reads their opinions expounded upon in a way in which one is incapable of doing oneself, when I came across this:
Finally, in her final panel in the book, Laurie is shown speculating about getting a new costume with protective leather and a mask, and perhaps a gun. She also says "Silk Spectre" is too girly and she wants a new name. The implication is that she's going to become the Comedian.
Wait. Whoa. Hold up a second. How did I miss this the first five times I read Watchmen? I consider myself a pretty aware fellow, yet somehow I never took Laurie's line to mean anything more than, 'I've gotta get something more protective than this sheer skirt.' Am I the only one? A quick read through the article's comments section would seem to insinuate I am. And what's worse, I LOVE THIS BOOK! I can't imagine what I might've missed in the books I only mildly adore.
But am I the only one that this has happened to? Has anyone else ever missed something so obvious, so significant, in a book they've read multiple times? And if so, would you care to share? Anonymous admissions of obliviousness may be submitted to the comments section below.