Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inquiring Book Bloggers Want To Know...

Inspired by the series finales of both Battlestar Galactica and Y: The Last Man, Second Printing wonders, What are your favorite beautiful endings?

I don't know if The Guardian UK is hoping to shock the literary elite out of their hoi polloi pretensions, or if they just really love Half-Life. Either way, they're asking, Are computer games a literary genre?

This next one's a simple yes or no question, but the answer reveals you to be either shallow or deep, artistically bent or aesthetically inept, a font fetishist or a freakin' idiot. Author Joanna Campbell Slan asks, Do you judge a book by its cover?

Abe Books is technically our competition (well, in the same way that the Ford Motor Company was Big Daddy Roth's), but my dead, Alzheimer-y Granny would've found this question charming, so I'm including it anyway: Do you own a cookbook that has been handed down to you by your mother or father, grandmother, or even great grandparents? If so, which one(s)?

Last month, anti-gay author Scott Lively (whose book, The Pink Swastika, purports that Hitler and other high-ranking Nazis were gay) was scheduled to speak at a Falbrook, CA country club. Protest threats from gay rights organizations (and, one suspects, a few historians) caused the caustic Q&A to be canceled. The LGBT Book, Film & Video Blog asks, Was this an example of censorship or public safety?